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The ns-2 WiMAX PMP module is originally designed and developed by Netowrks & Distributed Systems Laboratory (NDSL) members, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan, under advisory of Professor Jenhui Chen. All versions of WiMAX modules (current IEEE 802.16d and upcoming IEEE 802.16e and IEEE 802.16j) are freely download for any academic or industrial use. We welcome colleagues to report any bug founded in our provided version and give us some suggestions. All recommendations are welcome. You may directly contact Professor Jenhui Chen or our ns-2 WiMAX module support team members

The Neswork Simulator 2 (ns-2) is an open source tool for various network simulations. The ns-2 provides substantial supports for simulation of the TCP, routing, and multicast protocols covered wired and wireless networks. ns has been a kind of real networks simulator since 1989 and and has been evolved substantially over the past few years. In 1995, the ns development was supported by VINT project at LBL, Xerox PARC, UCB, and USC/ISI. Currently ns development is support through DARPA with SAMAN and through NSF with CONSER, both in collaboration with other researchers including ACIRI .

The Network Simulator 2 (ns-2) is a popular and powerful simulation tool for the simulation of packet-switched networks, which provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and MAC protocols over wired and wireless networks, such as wireless LANs, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), and satellite communications, etc, and is widely used in both academia and industry. Although many protocol modules have been implemented in the ns-2, the IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless access networks (BWANs) or WiMAX module has not been contributed yet. Thus, in this paper, we present our detailed design and implementation of the WiMAX module based on the IEEE 802.16 standard with the point-to-multipoint (PMP) mode for the ns-2. The implemented module comprises fundamental functions of the service-specific convergence sublayer (CS), the MAC common part sublayer (CPS), and the PHY layer. A simple call admission control (CAC) mechanism and the scheduler are also included in this module.


  1. hey I have implemented wimax in ns2.
    its very simple !
    now m trying to improve performance of wimax using diffrent protocols.
    can u help?
    i wanna kno can tcl scripts be implemented on real routers.
    waht bout practical implementation of all these things !

    1. i need help .. doing my project in wimax...i have to show the demo in the college.. will you help me dear? otherwize me may got out..

    2. I need a help... plz tell me how to simulate wimax in ns2.. can u plz send me the wimax patch and also procedure

    3. hi abhishek,how u have implemented wimax in ns2..plz suggest steps or document...

    4. hey abhishek! i am doing a BE project wherein i need to implement wimax in ns2 or any other software which uses .tcl code. could you send me your implementation of wimax. this will help us to complete a small part of our project. please. thanks.

    5. hi abhishek ... plz sent steps to implementation of Wimax in Ns2 ....because I m dng Final MCA Project in NS2

      Reply soon...

    6. Hi Abhishek...would you like to help me, to implementation of Wimax in NS2, based on protocol transport..thanks :D

    7. HI Chandra,

      You will have patches and depends upon the version you can try to implement is simple , if you dont have please mail me will send you the patches sorry my link in blog outdated will update soon THanks

    8. hello Abhishek..!! can u send that ns2 code....I have some ideas to implement other protocols to increase the performance..
      mail id:

  2. ya abhishek u can do it .let i want to clarify more on this..since i used some of the protocols to improve the performance ..since i have no idea on practical.

  3. hi abhishek, i am also working on improvement of wimax.
    could u please help me in implementing the wimax in ns2.i am new to this even not very comfortable to use ns2.

    i am using ns2 with ubuntu 10.4.

    i willbe very thankful to u.


  4. bonjour
    pouvez vous m aider à implementer wimas dans ns?

  5. hello
    I want to work on wimax. i am totally new to wimax. I wanted to "implement preauthentication in wimax against dos attacks using visual cryptography". I wanted to know if it is possible to do that implementation part in ns2 or should i go for any other simulator.

    1. hi , how are you i hope you doing well
      i am very instrested in your post
      am trying to work in the same faild i have a head start already
      so please tell me if we can work together

  6. Hello abhishek, can you help me to simualate wimax on ns2. Pleae provide me help regarding this. My email id is

  7. hey anyone plz. if has your tcl script of implementation on wimax protocol then could you plz sen it to me..i need it for my project report...

  8. hey ne1 having tcl script for wimax simulation plz send it to me at need it for my final project.

  9. hey can any one help me out in finding the program for wi-max using ns-2?

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  11. Hey can any one tell me how we use ns2 in windows?

  12. Hello can anyone help I am new to Wimax ...
    I need to make authentication protocol for Wimax network using NS2 simulator. If anyone has any related material I could use please send it to me on my email :
    I would be reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllly glad.

  13. What I am really in need now is of a code for new authentication protocol in Wimax using NS2 simulator...Thanks again

  14. HI Thanks for the comments hope iam trying my level best to reply Keep reading more research to come

  15. I am doing ho fast and secure pre-authentication based module in my m.e project. Please help me to do it in ns2. My id is
    Thanks- nowshat

  16. Hi,
    I have a project n Security in WiMAX network and Now i'm looking for some Scripts to simulate a WiMAX Network on NS-2.35 and also to see the security side, so PLZ if any one has already worked on this plllz help mee , i neeed it
    and thank you

  17. HI Nana

    Sure will help on wimax so please tell me what security focus on

    detection,prevention and intrusion so that will provide the script based upon that please mail me the base paper to so that will help on it

  18. function Net = energyharvesting (Net , i , type , value )
    BatteryCapacity = 1.476 ; % Joules (0.1mAh---3600s---4.1V)
    B = 8*8; % lenght of beacon Bits
    L = 16*8; % lenght of data Bits
    R = 500*1024; %Kbps
    Ptx = 0.0538 ; % Watt
    Prx = 0.0425 ; % Watt
    switch type
    case 'harvest'
    HarvestEnergy = (Net.Node(i).HR/1000)*value ;
    Net.Node(i).AE = min(1,Net.Node(i).AE+HarvestEnergy/BatteryCapacity) ;
    case ' beacon '
    BeaconCost = (B/R)*Ptx + (L/R)*Prx ;%Energy consume to transmit beacon and wait for data
    Net.Node(i).AE = Net.Node(i).AE- BeaconCost/BatteryCapacity ;
    case 'data'
    IdleListeningCost = value*Prx ;% Energy consumption waiting for beacon
    TransmissionCost = (L/R)*Ptx ;% Energy consumption in transmittingdata
    Net.Node(i) .AE = Net.Node(i).AE - (IdleListeningCost + TransmissionCost ) /BatteryCapacity ;
    if Net.Node(i).AE<0
    Net.DeadNode = i ;

    i want code in ns2 forenergy harvesting as energy model for relay networks(lwx)


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