Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wireless examples in Ns2

As many one requested iam posting wireless with many examples

Here iam posting the sample wireless examples the cluster formation methods
for cluster formation many algorithm are there but this is an simple basic wireless example one

Along with iam posting ping option in NS2 pinging of nodes

any ideas regarding in Ns2 can discuss here


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cluster Formation In Manet

The cluster formation Every group of node is formed together and the arranged in one Group . The main purpose of cluster formation is the reduce the Transfer Rate and allocation of group in to subgroups and finally one leader will be selected.

For the Selection of Group various method will be used

1) Mine own favorite method is the Finding the near by neighbors and joined as the group
2) per group can have any no of nodes but mostly i assume 5 for maintanence
3) In cluster formation many groups can be made Inside cluster can also be made
4) Like tree structure also be made to reduce the level so reduce the traffic
5) These cluster formation many research are made iam also doing certain research and formed particular cluster formation with my algorithm along with existing and obtain a new one
6) Since it an combination two members i cannot post the algorithm in my Blog

7) so if want the cluster formation mail me I can help for the Codings

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wireless in Ns2 Example one


Here I like to post the Wireless in Ns2 .Mostly there are two types

1) Wired
2) Wireless

The main difference in coding extra antenna header files will be added in wireless as well as in the wired little bit tougher than the wireless one now iam posting wireless one in that any doubt you can contact me no problem


Enjoy learning NS2