Friday, April 2, 2010

Wireless in Ns2 Example one


Here I like to post the Wireless in Ns2 .Mostly there are two types

1) Wired
2) Wireless

The main difference in coding extra antenna header files will be added in wireless as well as in the wired little bit tougher than the wireless one now iam posting wireless one in that any doubt you can contact me no problem

Enjoy learning NS2


  1. Thanks

    I need to learn how NS2 works with wireless networks.
    I have a routing problem to solve so any wireless tutorial would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again

  2. Hello Caiser

    Ns2 in wireless network is easy man wired only difficult and I will definitely post regarding routing in wireless.

  3. Oh great.

    I'm just a newbie with NS2 that's why I'm looking for good examples.
    I'll be waiting for your routing posts.
    Don't be late please :)

  4. Hi, did u have power saving mechanism(PSM) for 802.11 DCF implemented in NS2. i want to test PSM for 802.11 DCF.

  5. Hi
    I am Iraqi PhD student in Malaysia now, in UKM ,
    I hope to get your help to build a MC-CDMA simulator using ns-2 , and monitor the performance at various types of TCP on this simulator.

    Iam already installed ns-2 in my computer and I try to implement some simple examples.


  6. Hi Ghassan
    Sure I will help you its very easy once you know the language

    First it is very difficult to learn then u can become expert . can u please exlain breifly wht help you want .in CDMA

  7. hi Prasanna
    sory ,link that you give is broken
    can you give another link
    thanks u

  8. hi sir
    i m going to implement packet marking in NS2 .for this porpuse i need to implement a simple vlan with some lan router so would u tell me as im new in this area i found vlan,lan.adhoc and some folders inside ns2 but i couldnt run them same as other shall i modefythem??? or what?
    thank you inadvance

  9. Hi,
    Thanxs for previous replay, but I want now to ask about other thing. Im work now to test the behaviour of cwnd on TCP variants, but I use as tandard topolgy with buttleneck and 3 nodes.My problem is to separates this 3 nodes to , wired, wireless, and wireless with handover scenario.
    My question, how can I change to wireless link and wireless with handover.

    node 0
    8Mb,0ms \
    8Mb,0ms \ 0.8Mb,100ms
    node 1 ---------- node 3 --------------- node 4
    8Mb,0ms /
    node 2

    node 1 must chang to wireless node link with node 3 and node 2 change to wirekess with handover.


  10. Hi,
    The link you provided for ns2 wirless network is removed. can you please send that to me. I want maximum material on ns2 simulator regarding ad hoc network or wireless network. Thanks

  11. Hi,
    did u have power saving mechanism(PSM) for 802.11 DCF implemented in NS2. i want to test PSM for 802.11 DCF.

  12. Hi pravati

    we can implement the IEEE 820.11 in ns2 but sorry I have no idea in DCF . Can you please give more information about that so i can understand that


  13. Thanks for ur reply. in IBSS(independent basic service set there is no AP). ATIM window has been used in standard 2007 for PSM. i am using ns 2.34, and want to know PSM in IBSS has been implemented or not. If not can you suggest me any source that can help me.

  14. hi how to simulate coverage area and node distance in ns2.29

  15. hi how to specify the range for each node in ns2-wireless

  16. hi.i'm currently working on hybrid peer to peer systems,im using NS2 for the implementation,and having trouble with it. i tried using the multicast routing protocol.but i want to stop the do i do it?? if you have any examples,it'd be better!!

  17. Hi Prasanna,
    I'm currently doing my project for I would like to have the code for cluster formation. Can u plz send me the code. My email-id:

  18. Hello
    I'm M.SC. research
    I'm working on cluster routing protocol...i need cluster package , and example about CBRP in NS2
    please help me

  19. Hi Prasanna,

    I'm using NS2 2.33 and my research involved IEEE802.11 infrastructure network. Is it possible for me to obtain the RSSI value from the receiver? How can I go about it? How can I use the RSSI value to find the distance between the transceiver and the receiver using Friis free space equation?

    I tried to insert several lines:
    1) (packet.h)
    double rssi; at struc hdr_cmn

    2)( inside WirelessPhy::SendUp

    hdr_cmn*cmh = hdr_cmn::access(p)
    cmh->rssi = Pr;
    printf ("The rssi is : %f", cmh->rssi)

    after compile, I just got The rssi is :0.0000

    Please give me some advice.

    Thanking you in advance.

    1. use cmh->rssi = (10log (pr/0.001))

      u got the pr value in db

      i dont rem the exact code,...........

  20. Hi this blog active..
    i need help in NS2 its very urgent

  21. Hello krishna,

    Yes it active how may i help please any urgent issue contact in mail. you can see my mail address in this blog ! 24 hours service to students


  22. hi i'm a morrocan PhD student i want to simulate using ns2 the mobile node RSSI versus the time when the node voves. can every body shows me how to do so? thanks

  23. Hi, the above doesnot seems to exist, Could you give me different path for the some if there exist.
    Thank you

  24. Hi, I from Russia, have some problems with my ns/
    How exactly i can determine that programm does not work?how creae new simple programme ? Send me msg for e mail if you can//
    Thank you)

  25. hi, i am very new at this. I am currently working on a project that needs to simulate a single radio and single channel network and investigate the throughput between 2 nodes. How and where do I get started?

    this is my email if you can really help me out here.

    really appreciated!

    Thank you very much!

  26. hi, i am new to ns2. everything look so confused to me. i dont know where to start with. can u please help me? thanks

    mail id

  27. Hai Sir, I dont know anything about ns2 and I want to learn from basics. Could you tell me what is the first step and what are all the things I have to get thorough with? Iam going to do project in MANET.... Kindly help me sir... Thanks in advance..... My mail id is

  28. sir, i m trying to implement trilateration concept for localization of nodes in ns2. i m supposed to compute the distance between the nodes using rssi. can u plz help me how to retrieve the rssi values and compute the distance from two ray ground model.. thanks... my id is


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