Monday, September 20, 2010

NS2 Projects

Hello Everyone
sorry for not posting about NS2 about two months.I know many students facing difficulties in doing Projects in Ns2. Here iam helping out doing Projects in NS2 ,
I can help Masters,PHD students,UG students and also for Researchers.
But for doing the Projects Cost will be added .
The services will be available like Online chatting, Voice Chatting,Even remote connection and i will help you people to know about Ns2. Any networking Projects can be done in NS2.

For this please contact to this mail id :

still more post will be added on this blog keep reading, Ns2 Rocks.
still any doubts can ask me are can mail me I will clarify the doubts with my Best.


  1. hi can you give me a simple example of cluster creation in NS2

  2. hi my project is to modify aodv to aomdv, can u help in this regard.

  3. it possible to limit the no. of control packets in MAODV protocol, as it seems to be suffering from high control overhead. Thank you

  4. HI Sathish

    how are you? cluster i think i solved your problem

  5. Hi Siva

    Yes we can control the packets by means of anetenna are the two way round model we can control are you can increase the packet size as well as the queue size we can control are give many no of packets


  6. Hi ...
    this is muthu
    i need to know is it possible to create a IP Packet using ns2 and it it posssible to edit the packet by the intermediate nodes which forwards it to the destination

  7. i am doing projects in ns2.concept is energy efficient geographic routing in dynamic wsn . any idea pls thanks. pls send mail to my id .
    my id is

  8. i want to implement face routing in adhoc networks..can u help me in dis or else any good ns2 project for my major in adhoc networks
    rep on my id

  9. hi...
    this is vinay
    my project is video transmission over ad-hoc networks using cross layer method... i have transmitted video from one node to other but now i want to implement FEC mechanism as well as crosslayer... how can i do this in NS2.31 version... pls reply to my id...

  10. Hi muthu yes we can create the ip for each nodes as well we can create separate tr file for to know more about ip information

  11. Hi

    in video tranmission i have no idea we tried nut getting lots of probs only appr results came for that in that to wimax but i can help u in wat material we have thanks

  12. can u tell me some reference book who help me in ns2 programming
    tell me at my

  13. Hi Prasanna.

    i want to simlate saodv in ns-2
    do you have SAODV code for ns-2? , could you mind to share with me?
    my email :

    Thanks for advance

  14. hello friends
    any body having a code for An efficient n to 1 multipath routing protocol in wsn if so plz send me that code to my email id ""

  15. I also want to know that how can we make cluster in ns2.
    Please help me

  16. Hi

    My project is to compare the mobile ad hoc routing protocols(AODV,DSR,DSDV) based on certain metrics and to generate xgraphs out of them......can u please help me in this emailid::

  17. hey! I am working on optimization of zone routing protocol
    and evaluate the same in ns-2.34. But I was shocked to find that it has not been implemented in ns-2.34 yet....
    It would be kind of you if you can help me out in ZRP and how to implement a new protocol in ns2....
    I will be grateful to you..
    my email ID is

    Waiting for your reply....

  18. Hi shany

    it will be working but we should follow some patchs and make object file to combine with existing one so u shd aware tht steps i will mail u with screenshots no problem

  19. hello sir, i am doing project on FAST HANDOVER IN 802.11p in ns2. In my project i have to add 2 ip on a single mobile node, one for data transmission and second for probing to next access point so that it take less time for handoff
    i would be very thankfull to u for your help
    my email-id is

  20. sir would u please help me in creating sybil attack in aodv...reply me immediately,my mail id is

  21. HI Adi,

    Iam not sure we can add two ips in single node are you doing some other caluculation kindly send related papers to my mail id i will check


  22. sir,
    i am implementing TCP performance over wireless MIMO channels with ARQ. i have implemented ARQ but unlable to realise space time coding in ns2... in my project i have one mobile node with two antennas and a base station. the mobile node will transmit packets to base station. but i am not able to employ alamouti space time code at mobile station. pls help me regarding this.......its very urgent .
    thank u
    bibhu sharma
    mail id:

  23. HI Sir,

    i try to include the ARQ to ns2,

    i added these 3 to the make file,
    myDir/arq.o \
    myDir/arq.tcl \
    “-I./myDir \”

    but when i add it to my topology i get this error, hope you can help me out..

    error "error when calling class $cls: $args" $..."
    (procedure "_o3" line 2)
    (SplitObject unknown line 2)
    invoked from within
    "$ns link-arq 3 $n0 $n(1)"
    (file "posting2.tcl" line 80)

  24. HI Parisha,

    with three lines i cant able to ind exact error but iam feeling that Wimax patch is missing in ns2 are u may not installed properly ,Kindly send the some part of code and with screenshot.

    What Wimax patch you are using pls reply .


  25. hi,
    can anyone please help me with the following:
    i need to simmulate the following scenario:
    1- send a photo file from a client to a webserver via internet
    2-webserver process it an forwards it to another database server

    i am having a problem in converting the photo file to a traffic file
    please help me if possible


  26. hiii...

    Do u implement n give ieee papers....or can u compare aomdv aodv and caaomdv if yes...plz mail me at


  27. hi good morning sir

    am doing computer science .... need a project in congestion control in networks . if possible can u mail to

  28. dear sir please help me to provide ns2 coding and implementation of MAODV or SAODV email id z

  29. hello sir

    Do you know about SCPS-TP..? I have a NS2 code of SNACK implementation in TCP NewReno as specified in SCPS-TP...but its not giving me any output...can you help me for that?vif you give me your email id i ll send you code...

  30. dear sir please help me to provide ns2 coding and implementation of MAODV for ns2.34

  31. When implementing DSDV protocol, how do we connect multiple nodes. I have seen in one code that they just specify connection between 2 nodes. Is it the way it is supposed to be done??
    Please provide info in this regard

  32. hi sir,
    how to implement ZRP protocol in ns2.....please guide me........i want quick reply

    1. HI Sathish,

      Thanks for using the blog , You can readily downloaded the protocol in net itself still if you find difficulties please mail me. which mentioned in my blog

      Note: i can see some spam mail address in comments starting with ( .Please be aware of Spammers

      In my blog if you see comments with Prasan is me here to help you guys and clarify your doubts regarding Ns2 Thanks

  33. Hi Prasanna
    I wanted to know how to use IMPORTANT mobility tool generator in NS 2.34. I am working on performance analysis of MANET routing protocols based on mobility models.

    1. HI

      Ns2 itself an Tool what Quality of service needed based on that you can use patches but can you explain more so that can help you Thanks

      Advance New year wishes

  34. can u mail me awk script of different performance parameters?

  35. i need project source code for opportunistic routing ...can u help me???

  36. Hi I am troubling with my academic lab. help me on programming p-persistent csma/ca into ns2. I have tried googling but couldn't find anything useful.

  37. Hi I am troubling with my academic lab. help me on programming p-persistent csma/ca into ns2. I have tried googling but couldn't find anything useful.

  38. HI Jasmine

    Thanks for the blog, yes these are research work and we will not publish outside. yes i have done csma / ca please mail me with your project doccument will def help to solve this.

  39. I want Sybil attack detection code in ns2
    parameters are mac,radio range,malicious node,RSS timeout,threshold,UB RSS threshold,list size

  40. HI

    Pls mail me so that will share awk script for this to calculate


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