Monday, October 11, 2010

Installation of Wimax in NS2.31

Hello Guys

First of all i like to apologies for delay posting in Ns2 , because busy with my Research area. Now i like to share some thoughts in Wimax 3G, here iam going to give the installation of Wimax in ns 2.31

1) at present the UMTS and the Wimax 3G research going on the Area6 but now iam posting for startup people to implement the wimax

2) download ns-allinone-2.31


wimax implementation ....

The patch file is only provided for ns-2.31.

a- Using the ns-allinone installation
step1: install the patch by running "patch -p0 step2: re-run "./configure ; make clean ; make" in the ns-2.31 directory.

b- From the ns-2.31 directory
step1: install the patch by running "patch -p1 step2: re-run "./configure ; make clean ; make" in the ns-2.31 directory.

download file from here


  1. pls send d procedure fo attaching pacth to ns2.31.. pls i m getting error there

  2. can u paste the scrrenshot i mean what error is coming while installing the patch

  3. can u give me the program fo wimax coz im doing a project on it but finding it difficult to get the pgm

  4. what to do 4 to install wimax patch on it..need Procedure like ns2.31...can i use same one

  5. Hi DJ Roy,

    Thanks for using the blog, we cannot use the same version i have given for ns 2.31 only, we have separate patches available for each version you can try that Just mail me your mail address will send the related patches with instruction to install, Thanks

  6. please i need wimax.tcl file to be installed for my reaserach area and i am not getting it for ns2.34 , please send it to me on my
    thank u

    1. hi
      i use ns2.35, can you give me the patches to impement wimax in this version please
      this is my e-mail:

  7. Hi,
    i also use ns2.35, can you give me the patches to implement wimax in this version.I need it for my assignment.Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi.. I also use ns2.35, would u like to give me some patches? thanks a lot guys.

  8. Dear Prasanna,

    I have two versions of ns2 installed (ns-2.34 and 2.31), and I am also working on wimax. Now I tried patch dvb-rcs in ns-2.31, but now wimax is not working. I tried to reinstall ns2.31 but it shows following error:-commom/packet.h:177 redefinition of 'PT_WIMAXBS'
    " " ":174 'PT_WIMAXBS' previously.

    Could you help me to sought this error?
    Also want know which version is being used if I had installed two version of ns2.?

    Thanks and Regards,

  9. how to install wimax module in ns2.34


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