Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upscheduler using Ns2 in Wimax

Hi Ns2 followers,

Here like to share some article regarding the Wimax Upscheduling and downscheduling is ths latest article and some research is going on.

Here like to share in terms of Ns2 as well as in the Technial part share my experience incase if missed out or somw wrong excuse me.

The existing wimax scheduler( NIST) has the patch file can install in Ns2 to run the wimax . For the uplinking and downlinking some algorithms like Weighted Round Robin(WRR) as uplink scheduler,Deficit Round Robin (DRR) as downlink scheduler are the existing algorithms and interm of wimax static wimax is used to allocate the different Quality of service to allocate and to transfer from one location to another location.

Here iam attaching certain reference paper kindly look after it .

There are many VOIP channels avaliable to send the file from one to another end i mean source to destination.

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  1. Hi There,
    I have a question regarding ns2 in wimax. I am using ns2mesh80216 patch which is the mesh implementation of wimax. I need to integrate 802.16 nodes with wired nodes to create a wired-cum-wireless scenario. The problem is that , the routing of ns2mesh80216 is not from ns2, it has its own routing and scheduling, therefore, I can not use hierarchical addressing. Can you help me out and give me some guidlines on how I can make changes to the patch so the 802.16 gateway node and do the wired routing as well.
    This is the link to ns2mesh80216:
    ps: I will come and check here for the answer

  2. It was such a pleasure reading it. I have bookmarked it and I will show it to my friend, she is ahuge fan of this subject.

    UK Education Consultants

  3. HI Nsaim,

    See Wimax is different mesh network is different we having patch for the wimax if you want to implement the Mesh network try the functinalites in it.Any doubts just mail me will help you Thanks


  4. HI H S consultant,

    Thanks but iam sorry this is not my own contant some people researched and written i just be an mediator to show the things in network credits goes to them . Who researches in the network


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