Friday, March 19, 2010

Let us know about 802.15.4 and ZigBee Routing Simulation

1) Version: P802.15.4/D18
2) Simulation Platform: NS 2.26 or above
Code Size
1) C++ Source Codes: 12k lines
2) Tcl Scripts: 500 lines
• Functionality
1) Pure CSMA-CA and Slotted CSMA-CA
2) Legacy application support (802.11b compatible)
3) Star and Peer-to-Peer topologies
4) Beacon enabled and non-beacon enabled modes
5) Beacon tracking and synchronization

– Association and Disassociation
– Peer-to-Peer Tree and Cluster Tree Formation
– Direct and Indirect (data polling and extraction)
– Energy Detection (ED)
– Clear Channel Assessment (CCA)
– Link Quality Detection (LQD)
– Multiple channel support
– Channel Scan (ED/Active/Passive/Orphan)
– Filtering (channel, beacon, duplication, interference, etc.)
– Simulation Tracing
– Deterministic Error Models (Node/Link)
– Enhanced Nam Animation

SSCS Interface

$node sscs startPANCoord

– This command can be used to start a new PAN, and the
corresponding node will serve as the PAN coordinator.
– If some parameters are omitted, the default values shown above
will be assumed.

– Examples:
• $node_(0) sscs startPANCoord
• $node_(0) sscs startPANCoord 1 2 2
• $node sscs startDevice = 0>
– This Command can be used to start a device or coordinator.
– If some parameters are omitted, the default values shown above
will be assumed.


• $node_(0) sscs startDevice 0 //device

• $node_(0) sscs startDevice //coor., non-beacon

• $node_(0) sscs startDevice 1 1 1 //coor., beacon enabledLR

• $node sscs startCTPANCoord

– Similar to “startPANCoord”, except it is used to start a
Cluster Tree based PAN.

• $node sscs startCTDevice 1>

– Similar to “startDevice”, except it is used to start a Device
in a Cluster Tree based PAN.

• $node sscs startBeacon

– Start to transmit beacons if originally in non-beacon mode,
or change the beacon order and superframe order if
originally in beacon mode.

• $node sscs stopBeacon
– Stop the transmission of beacons

Further Tutorials and demo codings and Installation procedure can downloaded from here


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  2. Yes, would be nice if they were made available again.

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  4. Hello,
    Please help me getting tutorial for simulating Ieee 802.15.4/zigbee with ns2..including info like how to use xgraph, a list of variables and their description for use with examples...Please help it's urgent!

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    Have anyone tried zigbee model in ns2? if yes please help me i want to simulate it in ns2 as my master thesis.

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    I want to know how to configure CBQ/WRR for 802.15.4.Please send the required tcl scripts to

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    1. HI you will get patches for IEEE 802.154 you can install that need certain coding in C++ to configure it Thanks

  9. Sir, your tutorial just only for starting PanCoordinator and for device. Would you please to explain me how to activate the router? Because in 802.15.4 (zigbee), has 3 define node; end device, router, and coordinator.

  10. Hi

    Yes we have separate algorithm for activating it, and to test the performance of protocol so each project will varies so i didnt publish it, please email to will share it to you thanks


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