Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Traffic creation in Ns2 and Secenarios

Hi everybody

Here I give the Link where you can download the Tcl scripts regarding the Traffic generation in Ns2 as well as the Scenarios .
This will help to know the Traffic creation in Ns2 .

I have many Projects related to NS2 day by day I will keep on Posting Check Regularly.
Enjoy the Network Simulation.

Any Queries comment it.


  1. hello friends,
    Im working on NS2 on ubuntu. Im not able to run tcl codes of wireless n/ws and not able to visualize dem in Nam...The error is INVALID COMMAND TYPE....I also found dat the wireless folders in ns2 is empty. what should i do? ...plz reply to

  2. hye...i really need ur help..
    im doing my work rite now..
    i did not know how to do my program..
    im doing wireless sensor network with mobile coordinator..(ieee 802.15.4)
    i need to submit diz in a week..
    i only have a few days now to finish it...

  3. I think i placed an link regarding IEEE 802.15.4 There you can download the code

    Hotfile link is posted and there you can download the IEEE 802.15.4

    after you downloaded you must install to NS2

    Readme file will be there you can see and install it.

    Demo codes also will be there

    Incase not avaliable mail me i will send

  4. Hello nadiyarani

    I think Ns2 Installation problem check by typing nam . nam editor should open then only ns2 is completed installed

  5. i cant install it to the ns2..
    y yA?...

  6. you can install to Ns2 since first put all the files into ns2-allinone folder than run the autoconifg file readme file instruction given read it.

  7. hey i want to calculate bandwidth for every node in network and if the BW utilization is more in that path...i shud be able to increase the cost of that link and route the next traffic application to other it me plzz..

  8. Hi Mr Dinesh

    For calculation of bandwidth i will post certain example in tcl look it and also traffic generation . This is simple one just increase the node size and also the increase the content with limited stack space automatically it will create a queue traffic will be generated

  9. Hi prasanna,
    I want to run multiple VoIP and Video sessions in VoIP and using X-graph I need to plot the graphs can u help me plzzz

  10. Hi prasanna,
    I am doin my project in which I need to simulate two MANET routing protocols i.e AODV and DSR in scenario of 4 networks with 50 nodes each, there are 1 network server in each networks and these network servers are connected to 1 router
    Plz help me out ya I need to finish this within 3 days because I needed to submit it TAHNKS YA

  11. Hi Kinjal

    Ok These two protocols are default avaliable in the net you can download in the net in tcl coding are avaliable . In that what is the main thing you are going to do .

    that is increasing the security are performance like that. explain briefly so i can help that

    my mail id is
    anytime i can help you

  12. Hi Prasanna

    Your blog is really great, it has helped me a lot. Im trying to download the Tcl scripts (traffic generation and the Scenarios) but links are not available anymore, they cant be downloaded, please upload them again, thanks in advance


  13. Hi I am work no my NS2 project and i need the Tcl and scenarios script but the link is not working please upload again.


  14. Hi this s madhan,pls make the ns2 projects hotlink file available

  15. hi.. i need your help regarding the creation of nodes in ns-2. I'm having the program and i got the output in ns-2.31 , but i have installed ns-2.32 in which i'm not getting the output. Some errors are appearing. Is that because of the difference in version..The link that you have given is not available.Can you please give me the tcl code for the creation of nodes in ns-2.32,please reply to

  16. hi
    i m not able to download from ur links.
    can u indicate me another way.
    my mail

  17. Hi Prasanna

    Your blog is really great. I am trying to download the Tcl scripts (traffic generation and the Scenarios) but links are not available anymore, please upload them again, thanks.

  18. hi
    can u send me any security script on security in multicast MANET.
    thanx in advance.

  19. Hi, I am darren. Can I know the steps on how to modify the makefile and ns-default.tcl? When I edit the C+ + script i need to modify these files right?

  20. hello,
    I am pursuing my last semester in computer science engineering in VIT
    Universsity India.
    My final year project Title is Increasing effeciency of WPAN Network.
    I want a demo program which use the non beacon mode ,,,,,for beacon mode
    demo programs are already available in NS2,,,,,

    If someone can help me please reply to this mail,,,,,I will be very
    grateful to you,,,,,,,,,,As this is my final year project,as per university
    rules i cant change my project title or else they wiil fail me,,,,,so
    please pls pls pls help me out :(

    1. Hey Did you find the simulation codes for non beacon and beacon based WPAN networks?

      Please help me with them, as it is also my major project topic here at NITK Surathkal.

      Looking forward to your reply.

      Thank you.

  21. hi parasanna
    i want to implement zigbee model in ns2.34.and then want to simulate LEACH protocol using the zigbee model. is it possible? if yes please send me the code and procedure for doing so...
    my mail ""
    thanks in advance

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. hi parasanna
    i want to implement zigbee model in ns2.34.and then want to simulate video stream over zigbee network. please send me the code and procedure for doing so...
    my mail ""
    thanks in advance

    1. HI

      Thanks for comment tried to mail you but mail failure delivery pops up so just tell me what you need to calculate the video or audio and what algorithm needed for bandwidth measure Thanks

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Prasanna,

      I'm so sorry, there is a mistake in my email. my email is
      I wanna calculate End-to-End delay, average delay jitter and packet lose of the video stream.
      Thank you in advance.

  24. hello sir i am implementing cooperative routing protocol........plz help me out


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